Global Options

Global options.


  --color WHEN=auto           colorize the output (auto, always, or never)

neopg uses colors automatically by default, if the output is sent to a terminal. If the output is redirected to a file or anything other than an interactive terminal, color will not be used. This automatic behaviour can be disabled by choosing always or never.


$ neopg --color=never ...


  --log-level LEVEL=warning   set minimum log level (trace, debug, info, warning, error, critical, or off)

Log messages are sorted in severity levels, with increasing urgency from trace to critical. By default, only warnings, errors, an critical messages are shown. With --log-level a different minimum severity level can be selected.

  -v,--verbose                enable more logging (can be used multiple times)

With -v or --verbose, a different logging level can be selected easily. One occurence of -v selects info, two occurences select debug, and three or more occurences select trace as minimum severity level.

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