A multiversal crypto engine.

NeoPG is a modern replacement for GnuPG 2

NeoPG starts as an opiniated fork of GnuPG 2 to clean up the code and make it easier to develop.

We want to provide a stable and extensible API for application developers, too.

Eventually, we will add new ways to use OpenPGP that make it accessible and usable.

Marcus Brinkmann

Marcus Brinkmann, lead developer of NeoPG

Recent Blog Entries

C++ as a migration path for legacy C code

NeoPG is written in C++, while GnuPG is written in C. This article explains why.

34c3 Retrospective

I gave a lightning talk about NeoPG at the 34c3 and talked to some people in the community.

No daemons in NeoPG

NeoPG will not have long-running daemons. This article explains why.

Why a single binary is the right thing for NeoPG

NeoPG only provides a single binary for everything, while GnuPG is split up into many binaries. This article explains why.